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Brian Scala is a University of New Haven graduate with a Bachelor’s in Music Industry. In his free time, he enjoys watching baseball and hockey, finding good burger joints and traveling to warm weather climates. He resides on Long Island with his loving wife and two American Shorthair cats. For more information about Brian Scala and his previous works, visit his website at

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Kennedy Sutton is an emerging author of period romance and fantasy romance. The pirate romance, The Silver Locket Books, are her first published works. She grew up in a small town in Wyoming and spent her youth wishing she was somewhere big and full of people. As an adult, she moved to one of the largest cities in the United States, lived there a time, and then promptly returned to a small town as soon as she was able. She has always been full of stories, but it was not until she became a mother that she started writing them down. She is thrilled to now share them with the world.

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Samantha Moran (she/her) is a multi-genre author primarily focused on supernatural horror, thriller, and fantasy. She is fascinated by all manner of things that go bump in the night and strives to create relatable characters who face realistic problems in fictional settings. As her motto claims, she is a firm believer in the idea that "happily ever after is overrated" and prefers her stories to be full of twists and mysteries.

Samantha holds a Bachelor's in English Secondary Education and is a proud Magna Cum Laude graduate of Western Michigan University. (Go Broncos!) She is also a loving mother of two amazing children and has been happily married to her husband since 2015. She and her family reside in southwest Michigan, though she has also previously resided in the Baltimore, Maryland area.

Samantha lives with Multiple Sclerosis which sometimes severely impacts her daily life, especially her ability to use her hands.

In her free time, she loves tarot, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading books, writing, and spending time with her family and pets.

For more information about Samantha Moran, or to keep up with personally published works, visit her website at

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Sylver is an avid book reader, coffee drinker, true crime junkie, and animal lover. She is also a huge fan of K-Pop, Korean dramas, and East Asian culture. Nothing compares to a lazy day where she can binge Korean Period Romance dramas, or curl up with a romantasy book from a fellow Indie Author. When she isn’t hard at work on her next romance book, she can be found on her farm, reading amongst the donkeys, ponies, and goats.

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Kitty N. Pawell is a wild creative that hails from Detroit, Michigan. She was a girl with a simple dream, to become a published author. That dream has now been achieved. Kitty enjoys writing, reading, binging anime shows, as well as devouring manga. If there isn't a pen in her hand, she's in her craft room creating something pretty awesome. Her inspiration for her books come from real life experiences and wild dreams so expect great things from her in the future. This book is only the beginning and you can expect to see more smutty goodness as well as paranormal stories from Kitty in the future.

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Stephanie Jean (she/her) is a California based queer author. She is a wife and mother. She spends time with the local theatre community as an actress and director.

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Tanya always loved how a story could take her away from whatever was going on around her. How the worlds came to life in her imagination, making her feel like everything was possible. Even though what she enjoyed reading were the works of Koontz, Poe, and poetry.

She published a couple of her own poems as a teenager but then permitted life to lead her astray. Finding her way back to the worlds she loves, she finally promised herself she would share her own. Her first fantasy novel was printed in May of 2023 just 12 days before she turned 46.

The series she is working on is based off characters she wrote for years. Her hope is that they give even one person the smile reading gives her and more importantly, that her two sons see that dreams can come true.

Currently residing in Michigan with her youngest son and their cat, you can keep up with her events, social media links, and releases on her website:


She absolutely does not enjoy long walks on the beach because the thought of setting foot near water that can’t be seen through is the most terrifying thing in the world. But coffee that’s more sugar than anything else, a room filled with books, and residing over the chaos of the cornfields like a demon queen are a few of her favorite things.

Her books aim for emotional upheaval. They all end with their own version of a happily-ever-after, but the journey to get to that point tends to involve broken people with disturbing pasts making poor choices in the heat of the moment because, more often than not, life is a hilariously messy disaster. If her characters haven’t been dragged through the pits of hell on their way to happiness, they really haven’t earned it. She also has a dog. His name is Murphy and he’s kind of a jerk.


KD is a dark romance author who writes almost exclusively why choose and paranormal romance. She has always had a love of writing but didn't get around to publishing her first book until October of 2023.

KD has found a supportive, loving community among the indie author community, and enjoys building relationships with other authors and with readers.

When not writing, KD is likely crafting, listening to true crime, playing D&D, or hanging out with her family and pets. She is a stay at home parent to three boys under the age of five. Her, her husband, their kids, and five pets reside in central Pennsylvania.

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Stella wrote her first story at age 4, with the help of a teacher, and she hasn't stopped writing since. Her favorite books have happily ever afters, diverse casts, and unique perspectives. She writes books with new takes on classic tropes that can be devoured in a single sitting. She refers to these types of books as 'brain candy' and happily feeds her sweet tooth.

She proudly writes "He Falls First" stories with respectful characters who agree on the importance of enthusiastic consent and healthy boundaries. Her stories are meant to be sexy, fun, and addictive. These are not stories for readers under the age of 18.


Jamie Fritz is the pen name of a full time social worker that works in various populations such as family services, veterans, homelessness, and domestic violence. She lives in Eastern Virginia, where the weather never is correct. She has her masters in Social Work. She is known to write stories that doesn’t fit into just one category, where the stories are infinite. She hopes that her writing will shed light into the vulnerable communities that have a special place in her heart. Author of the Grim Wolves MC and the Treasured Outcasts. She’s still waiting for prince charming but he might have gotten lost or the dragon burned him to a crisp. When she is not immersed in the community and writing, she is attempting to go through her TBR list with her two dogs, surrounded by family. She enjoys a good whiskey and coke, while playing games with her crew, or even.


Ava Thorne, a former Google engineer who took a leap of faith and left the corporate world during the pandemic, discovered a new path driven by a deep passion for storytelling. As an author, she explores the realms of fantasy romance, striving to enchant readers with tales of magic and love. A hopeless romantic at heart, Ava's storytelling showcases her unwavering passion for weaving the threads of love into the tapestry of her fantasy worlds. Her dedication to the fantasy genre stems from a lifelong love affair, inspired by the works of authors like Tamora Pierce, the allure of JRPG video games, and the ever-mesmerizing world of fantasy television, with a special nod to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Ava Thorne's enchanting tales invite you to lose yourself in the realms she creates, where the boundaries between magic, adventure, and romance blur, and where love blossoms in the most unexpected of places.


Haley is a stay at home mom with too many book ideas in her head and a hefty side of carpal tunnel. With a focus mainly on dark romance, Haley loves to explore books with BDSM elements. Anything can be a story if there's a twist, and Haley prefers to write until her brain is mush but the books are spicy and thrilling. Pretty books are an obsession and she's ready to share all the special editions she has coming this year.


Lacy Chantell resides in Kentucky and owns a small business. She is a mom of two toddlers and lives on the family farm with her husband. She loves to read all genres, ride her horses, hiking, pretty much anything outdoors. Inspiration hits her everywhere she goes for new book ideas and she is excited to keep telling stories for others to enjoy. Romance is her favorite genre to write, and she loves to put her characters through hell for them to get their happy ending in the end.


Gina Hejtmanek is a fiction writer from Nebraska. She has her bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. After writing what she thought was going to be a short story for fun, her husband encouraged her to pursue a career being an author. Currently she has Never Let Go, a contemporary fiction, and Home, a poetry collection, published, and is working on a novella series she plans to have done by the end of summer. When she is not writing, she can be found crocheting, playing with her sons, or binging a show with her husband. She lives with her husband, two sons, two cats, and shih tzu.


H.K. Laurin lives in the bluegrass state. When she's not reading or writing, she loves a nice glass of wine and spending time with family and friends.


Siri Pielski is a romance author who hails from Kentucky and lives with her teenage son and their home office supervisor: a chunky tuxedo cat named Figaro. Her pen name is a combination of the nickname she’s had since aged 10 and a nod to her paternal grandmother who was a published poet. Though her debut novel Empathy touches on some darker topics the romance is sweet, which fits well with the running joke among her friends that she is the sugar to their spice. When she isn’t being feral as her office’s emotional support goblin Siri, attending live music events and creating shenanigans and chaos with her book bestie.


Emm E Goshald is a Mexican Canadian Author who specializes in Paranormal Fantasy Romance. She began her journey on a serialized reading app and has since transitioned into printed books. She enjoys making her readers' anxiety spike and adding minorities and different cultures in every book. Her most popular series, Their Aztec Wolves, immerses the reader in Mexican and Mexican-American culture and Aztec Lore. Becoming an author has brought her into a world of social media, and while daunting for her socially awkward penguin butt, she loves interacting with everyone and appreciates every reaction to her books that she gets. Emm lives in Canada with her husband and their two dogs. As an introvert and hermit, she enjoys the peace and quiet of living in a small city. Aside from writing, Emm loves reading, cooking, playing video games with her husband and watching Horror and Pixar movies. If you want to follow along as she writes, you can find her on Patreon and Inkitt where she shares a platform with Avalina P. Cox and Isa Rinner called Smutty Tea for Thee


Mikaelynn Rose



Hello my name is Cassie. I’m a dreamer whose propensity for reading pushed me into creating my own characters and fantastic worlds. When I’m not creating depraved stories or conversing with my fictional characters, you can find me and my many alter egos out in the wild, scheming up the next big adventure. If there is time to spare, I  love to play video games, bake gourmet gluten free cheesecakes, and binge read books written by my favorite indie authors and friends.

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Growing up an avid reader, she was mesmerized by the sciences and ancient civilizations. She has always loved immersing herself in new and different worlds. Britton now enjoys creating her own, as well, with her writing buddy Jay Gatsby (the cat).


When she isn't writing she's likely either reading, watching Criminal Minds, or some other true crime show on Investigation Discovery.


Lorna House is the author of the Forging Destiny series and The Throne Games, as well as a small-time artist. She likes to spend her time exploring nature and cities or at home with her many pets.

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I’m a 2023 HOLT Award Winning Author who’s had characters begging me to tell their love story since I was thirteen years old. I’m finally letting them have a voice. I’m a policy analyst by day, because it’s extremely important to me that I make a difference in the world with my law degree. I passionately fight for equity for all, especially against institutionalized racism. I’ve published ten books and have 4 more upcoming releases this year. I write steamy small town romance - my interconnected standalone Willow Creek series (6 books, book 6 released on KU April 30), paranormal romantasy - my Sons and Daughters of Lir series (1 book, book 2 releasing July 2024), and Victorian era historical romance - my Wainwright sisters series (2 books, 3rd book releasing Nov. 2024). You can subscribe to my monthly newsletter for exclusive content and my Facebook group, the Willow Creek Wantons, for giveaways.


Elle Mitchell is an avid reader, daydreamer, devourer of knowledge, and author of new adult contemporary romance. Her books are both plot and spice and center around flawed, relatable characters dealing with real-life issues and struggles, which may be triggering to some readers. They’re messy—like real life—and emotional. She can’t promise that all her books will depict what a healthy relationship should look like at every turn. She rejects purity themes. The best she can do is promise an eventual HEA when it’s all said and done.

When she isn’t existing inside her own head and conversing with figments of her imagination, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children, traveling, hiking, and finding joy in the ordinary.


Sarah Zane is an author of happy endings for traumatized queers. She is a bisexual feminist and a licensed therapist. Her books often deal with themes of feminism, trauma, sexuality, and mental health. She lives in New England with her 2 black cats named Gatsby and Mr. Darcy. When she isn't writing, she can be found perusing a book in her home library that features over 400 books, making chaotic book themed videos for TikTok (aka Booktok), taking forest walks, visiting castles, planning exotic trips she can't afford, or cuddled up with one of her cats crying over fictional characters or yelling at them about how badly they need therapy.

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Daisy’s greatest passion in life is romance novels. So, one day, while reading a particularly spicy book, an idea hit her head. She wanted to write. So, there she was, writing her very first romance novel while rocking her seven-months-old baby to sleep in a closet during her grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary. The need to put those words on the screen was too strong. Daisy loves to create special characters with deeper stories and breathe the life into them. To write about love that changes lives. And maybe believe that kind of magic really does exist.


C. L. Ledford was born in the city of Chattanooga, TN. Where she was raised by her grandparents, to be a strong and independent person. She became an avid reader at the age of eleven, when her fifth-grade teacher gifted her the book, The Black Stallion. With this book her love of books grew. In middle school she began to write what would be one of many books swirling around in her head. Silver Moon Kiss came to life with two chapters and multiple scenes before it was packed away and not thought of until after she had become an adult. C. L. Ledford writes in Paranormal Romance and contemporary romance. Her first published book The Second Alpha Heir released on June 14, 2022. By this time she had moved to a little town called Ringgold, GA and married her husband where they raise their three children and five German Shorthair dogs. Along with her love of writing and reading, she also enjoys hunting behind her dogs.


S. Frasher is a fantasy author from Cincinnati, Ohio who writes cozy fantasy, dark fantasy, and fantasy romance. She also writes contemporary rom coms as Eliza Beth.

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