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A microbiologist by day and avid romance reader, PA, and swag maker by night. I love all types of romance books from sweet to the kinky type. I have been a PA and swag maker for a few years, helping with events, beta reads, book bibles, and family trees, also promoting books. I love crafting and creating new swag for unique experiences. When I am not doing book things, I am usually spending time with my 4 year old or friends and family. I am a huge nerd with card and board games, and boba tea.

I have been a lover of books since I was young, but didn’t read my first romance til 2017. It definitely changed my reading habits and now all I read is romance. I have come to be very open in my reading, loving sweet romance and super kinky, or dark romance and everything in between. I love all tropes but my favorite is MC (motorcycle club) romance. I will always try to find a good MC romance to read when I need a pick me up.

I went to my first 2 book signing events in 2018 and fell in love with the indie romance author community. I really enjoy making friends with the authors because they are now celebrities to me and when they get just as excited to me as a reader makes my heart so happy.


Jessica Smith is a outgoing creative Photographer based out of Upstate South Carolina. On top of Photography Jessica is a full time Accountant and mom. 

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Hi my name is Elijah! I am the founder and owner of Little Wicked. This company was born from my love of everything dark, taboo, and wicked! Little Wicked Book Box is a small business dedicated to those who love everything dark romance! Our monthly subscription focuses on the dark romance genre, with special editions covers and edges in each box! Our goal is to support as many indie authors and small businesses as possible. Outside of subscriptions, we design and create varies types of merchandise and apparel that speaks to the darkest of hearts. Let’s get a little wicked!

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Clark Farms



Hello, I'm Alyssa, the heart behind this magical space. I'm passionate about bringing the enchantment of sprayed-edge books and delightful merchandise into your life.


At The End, every item is curated with love and a touch of magic. Join me on this literary journey where each product tells a unique story.

Thanks for being a part of our world!

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