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Meet the Hxrsemxn! Tattooists, piercers, band, and spicy content creators.
They uploaded genuine content to the internet and the rest was history!



As part of Hxrsemxn, he is best known as Joey or the ‘Glue’ by the boys. He is from the UK and has the goofiest dog named Wilma. You will often find him creating something artistic, musical, or delicious. He is an award-winning tattoo artist and says the most rewarding part of his job is making people feel great, confident, and sexy in their own skin!  Above all else, he loves spending time with his best pals making memories to last forever.




Leighton, aka Paradox is on of the five Hxrsemxn and is best known as being whitty, funny
& charming. He is one of the vocalists when it comes to Hxrsemxn music & he also manages Hxrsemxn clothing brand. He lives in with his beautiful daughter and loves relaxing & his ideal night is cuddled up in front of the TV, bottle of red open and a scary horror film on. When he isn’t taking it easy, you can find him at the hottest clubs slamming down his favorite drink, Courvoisier. He is a body piercer and loves inflicting a little bit of pain to leave you with some beautiful jewelry in your body.



Craig is one of the five Hxrsemxn and is best known for his cheeky smile. He is a proud father and now resides in the US with his lovely wife & kids with a pet dog. He is a body piercer and is very passionate about his work, with hopes to one day open up his own studio…or just win the lottery! Known for being a foodie, you can usually find him stuffing his face or adding to his ever growing horror collection.



Az, Aaron, Azhole, Dungeon Master whatever you want to call him is lead vocalist of Hxrsemxn, usually found causing a stir within the fantasy world of DnD or within the hearts and heads of most women under the age of 60. He lives as a wanna-be rockstar sleeping almost 3 hours a night (impressive for him). He works as a tattoo artist and spends his free time playing nerdy games or writing lyrics. He aspires to own a trophy wife, mustang and a pool... or maybe just a trophy, they're shiny.

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